Teacher Wanted to Sail the South Pacific

Picton Castle

Barque Picton Castle is now accepting applications for a home school Teacher/Trainee Crew Member for an upcoming voyage to the South Pacific.

Picton Castle will embark on a year-long voyage to the South Pacific in May 2020.  The crew on this voyage includes the Moreland family – Captain Daniel Moreland, who is in command of the ship, Tammy Moreland, his wife and ship’s purser, and their son, seven and a half year old Dawson Moreland – along with professional and trainee crew who work together to sail Picton Castle on extended ocean passages to remote and exotic ports around the world. 

We are currently seeking a trainee crew member who will also be young Dawson’s home school teacher and companion.  Trainees participate in the daily operation of the ship by standing watches, which includes steering, looking out, handling sail, scrubbing the decks, and helping with ship’s maintenance while learning the ways of a sailing ship at sea.  No sailing experience is required, you’ll learn seamanship skills hands-on. 

Dawson is an easygoing boy with a great sense of humour who is currently completing Grade 1 at his local Waldorf School.  This will be his third extended voyage in the ship.  He will sign aboard Picton Castle for the year-long voyage with his parents and will continue his education aboard.  A curriculum will be provided, with the desire that he will continue to learn basic reading, writing and math during the voyage, in preparation for returning to school on land the following year. 

The successful candidate does not need to be a credentialed teacher, but should have experience working with children Dawson’s age and a genuine interest in helping this young fellow learn and grow. 

The successful candidate needs to have a real interest in going to sea in a ship like Picton Castle on a long voyage, and must have the ability to be a good shipmate and part of the shipboard community.  More information about the voyage and what it’s like to be a trainee is available here: https://www.picton-castle.com/voyages/the-voyages/voyage-to-the-south-pacific-2020-2021.html

Trainees pay a fee that covers room, board, passage and instruction.  For this position, the trainee fee will be significantly discounted. 

For more information, or to apply, please email info@picton-castle.com.

*Posted on behalf of Picton Castle. Tall Ships Australia and New Zealand has no further information or involvement in this opportunity.


  1. Milla Unkuri says:

    This sounded a really great opporttunity! I am a 44 year old Math and Physics teacher from Finland. I have teached children from 12 to 19 years old fifteen years now and I am looking for opportunity to do this somewhere else a year or two. I love teaching and I love sailing. I have worked as volunteer in finnish tall ship couple of summer and sailed across Atlantic but I am still a novice on this matter and eager to learn more. So… I am not sure if you approve a teacher who doesn’t speak english as well as native and I have teached a little bit older children than Dawson but I am sure we’d get along nicely. So could you consider me to this position? And I’d like to know how much is that trainee fee to this trip?
    With kind regards
    Milla Unkuri

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