Tall Ships Australia and New Zealand Charitable Foundation

The TANZ Foundation was established in 2019 to further the objectives of Tall Ships Australia and New Zealand by:

  • facilitating opportunities for disadvantaged or at-risk young people to build resilience and purpose through adventure, participation and challenge using traditional Tall Sailing Ships;
  • facilitating practical and academic training opportunities for disadvantaged or at-risk people to enable acquisition of maritime qualifications and competencies; and
  • assisting disadvantaged or at-risk young people to develop good character, talent and potential to facilitate employment and enhanced quality of life.

The Foundation is registered as a charity and endorsed as a deductible gift recipient in Australia.

We gratefully accept donations to the Foundation, and are currently focused on funding the Tall Ships Australia and New Zealand Voyage Bursary, which enables at-risk youth to benefit from the life-changing experience that is sail training. The Bursary is open to:

  • young people aged between 15 and 25 years, for the purpose of joining a development voyage aboard Tall Ship in Australia and New Zealand, and
  • Tall Ship crew and volunteers seeking to undertake professional development via a recognised course or cross decking opportunity.

The TANZ bursary helps eligible young people to participate in recognised development programs aboard Australian and New Zealand tall ships, and supports eligible staff and volunteers to access training opportunities to improve delivery of these programs.

Funding for the bursary is derived primarily from proceeds of sales of Tall Ship Passports, as well as individual donations.

The Bursary was first awarded in 2018. Two of our inaugural recipients undertook Global Maritime Distress and Safety System courses, one undertook a cross-deck crew exchange, and two used the funds to help cover the cost of their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Adventurous Journeys. Our final recipient used the bursary to help fund two places on a Windeward Bound refugee voyage, which require youth to raise sufficient funds for both themselves and refugee newly arrived in Tasmania to participate.

Read more about our 2018 Bursary Recipients here.

In 2023 Bursaries will be awarded to eligible youth and staff crew as tall ships in Australia and New Zealand resume sail training voyages following an extended period alongside due to social distancing restrictions.

The call for applications will be announced on this website, social media and via our newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter here.


For more information, or to donate, please contact us.

Tall Ship Crew
LEUT Miquela Riley teaches sail handling aboard STS Young Endeavour