Congratulations TANZ Bursary Recipients!

The inaugural (2018) Tall Ships Australia and New Zealand Voyage Bursary has been awarded!

Congratulations to Jack Elkington (Windeward Bound), Matthew Early (South Passage), Francesca Edmonds (Spirit of New Zealand), Natalie Moore (Enterprize), Rachel Norrie (Leeuwin II) and Natasha Wolski (South Passage).

The Tall Ships Australia and New Zealand Voyage Bursary was established to support the tall ship and sail training industry in Australia and New Zealand, and to provide opportunities for a diverse range of youth to benefit from the life-changing experience that is sail training. Funding for the bursary is derived primarily from proceeds of sales of Tall Ship Passports, as well as individual donations.

For the first time this year TANZ awarded six bursaries to crew or trainees on its members’ tall ships. Tall ship crews are often volunteers building sea time towards their tickets. Many of them are self funded and need to obtain specific and costly qualifications along the way.

Two of our inaugural recipients undertook Global Maritime Distress and Safety System courses, one used her bursary for a crew exchange aboard Windeward Bound and two sail trainees used the funds to help cover the cost of their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Gold Adventurous Journeys. Our final recipient used the bursary to help fund two places on a Windeward Bound refugee voyage. This voyage program requires a sail trainee to raise sufficient funds for both themselves and refugee newly arrived in Tasmania to join a voyage.

This is Spirit of Adventure crew member Francesca’s story…

On 30 April 2019, I drew on all my reserves and adventurous spirit and flew from Auckland, New Zealand to Hobart, Tasmania. When I arrived at Hobart airport, I was met by Captain Sarah Parry of STV Windeward Bound who took me back to the ship. During this time, I wondered how much growth I would gain and all I would do and experience between this moment and when Captain Sarah would take me back to the airport in 13 days time.

I can tell you my journey aboard Windeward Bound has been more than I could have imagined, I have met Crew Members I now look upon fondly as my new Aussie Ship Mates, and I’ve loved every minute.

Once I returned to NZ and stepped aboard my ship STS Spirit of New Zealand, I had a unique realisation…The ship had not changed, but I had. Any challenge, task or responsibility which comes my way in the future, I know I will take purposefully in my stride thanks to my amazing voyage and my Bursary from TANZ and its supporters. I feel very blessed and grateful to have received this Bursary as it played a significant part in allowing me the chance to travel to volunteer aboard Windeward Bound.

It was fascinating to learn different ways of how Sail Training and Youth Development Tall Ships operate and I’m now very clear that this is a long term passion and career opportunity for me. On Windeward Bound, I further developed my seamanship skills which I will put to good use during the rest of my Cadetship aboard Spirit of New Zealand. I also discovered a new level of confidence, belief and faith in myself, in my own capabilities as well as how I lead others. I spent 14 days in a foreign environment which opened my eyes to new possibilities. I have memories and an adventure I will treasure for life thanks to Windeward Bound and its Crew – my new home away from home.

I highly recommend to anyone who has the courage to step up and embark on a journey like this, as you never know just what you’ll discover in yourself.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Congratulations to all recipients!

If you would like to know more about establishing or applying for TANZ bursaries, please contact


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