Tall Ships Australia and New Zealand is a proud member of Sail Training International, and is grateful for the ongoing support of its organisational members, who support tall ships by organising and supporting events, regattas and conferences in ports around Australia and New Zealand.

Sail Training International

Sail Training International focuses on the development and education of young people through the sail training experience, regardless of nationality, culture, religion, gender or social background.  Sail Training International is a registered charity (not-for-profit organisation) and has worldwide membership and activities, including conferences and seminars, races and events, publications and research. Many of the Operators of the world’s sail training ships are members of the international Ships Council, through national associations such as Tall Ships Australia and New Zealand.

Partners and Ambassadors

Tall Ships Australia and New Zealand is proud to be represented by Ambassadors who advocate the organisation and the development opportunities provided by the sail training industry within the community, and  thanks the many individuals and organisations who provide pro bono and in kind support to the organisation and its members. In particular, we would like to acknowledge: