Jordan Ruth

Windeward Bound Trust crew member Jordan Ruth recently departed Hobart for an adventure of a lifetime, joining the Gulden Leeuw for one of Sail Training International’s Tall Ships Races. Jordan travelled to Denmark to meet the ship and his new crew mates in Aalborg where he then spent 5 days aboard the three-masted topsail schooner sailing to Frederikstad.

Before Jordan left Australia he spoke about this incredible opportunity. “When I joined the Windeward Bound I didn’t ever think I’d have the chance to sail on a tall ship overseas, it’s amazing. I’m sure I’ll be forever grateful for it, it’s not something I expected to be doing, but Winde has opened that door for me.”

Jordan’s trip was made possible through the support of bursaries from Sail Training International and the Keith’s Crew Fund, TANZ Bursary Fund, the Jetty Foundation, the Windeward Bound Trust, the Windeward Bound Foundation and Jordan’s own financial contribution. Thanks to this support, Jordan was able to secure his passage on Gulden Leeuw in what was his first international adventure!

Gulden Leeuw finished the race coming 7th in Class A. Jordan said that “the Tall Ships Races 2019 will definitely be something I will remember for the rest of my life, it was the most amazing sight to see a dozen tall ships sailing around us on the Gulden Leeuw. I would like to thank my supporters for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime.”

“Being on a big tall ship like Gulden Leeuw for the voyage really put into perspective how important tall ship crews are – the officers are the brains and the crew are the hands, and a ship can’t run without both. There is no better feeling when as a team you work together to set the main or the mizzen – and that’s at least 10 people on EACH halyard, but when you take a step back and see what we have all just accomplished, there is a massive sense of achievement as it is because of US, the crew, that we have made this ship move, and that is one of my favourite things that Sailing Training allows youth to do all around the world.”

Congratulations to all participating ships and crew and thank you again to Jordan’s supporters, for making this adventure under sail possible.

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