An Interview with Cody McDermott of Keith’s Crew

Cody McDermott

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Tall Ships Races 2019!

This year, we were touched by numerous moments that were testaments of the human spirit and have been made richer hearing some awe inspiring stories from our trainees.

We know that covering the costs of a Sail Training experience can be challenging and we actively want more young people to take part. It is an adventure which challenges them, helps them learn new skills, experience new cultures, travel and make friends from across the world.

To do this, Sail Training International offers a number of bursaries which offer assistance to ensure Sail Training is accessible to as many young people as possible.

Keith’s Crew is a bursary fund set up in memory of Keith Robinson, Sail Training International company secretary and sail training advocate.

Keith lived and breathed Sail Training and was a crucial supporter for over 20 years. His first sailing voyage was a present for his 39th birthday and he quickly moved to support Sail Training through national associations and as Company Secretary for Sail Training International.

Keith sadly passed away in January 2018, but his legacy continued with ‘Keith’s Crew’. The bursary was made up of donations given in his name at his memorial service and subsequent match by Sail Training International.

In 2019 the bursary gave 16 young people the opportunity to take part in the first leg of the Tall Ships Races.

We spoke with one of the participating trainees, Cody McDermott, of the Leeuwin Ocean Adventure Foundation in Western Australia, who talked about the life changing impact the voyage had.

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