2020 Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong

Boat Festival Geelong

In 2020, the Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong will welcome four of Australia’s best known tall ships to Corio Bay, Victoria.

These magnificent tall ships will be open to the public and available for an incredible range of tailored educational and team building experiences, alongside the wharf or under sail. You can even join the crew at sea on their passages to and from Geelong from their home ports around Australia. 

At the festival you can step on board and explore the ships alongside, or join the crew for a sail on Corio Bay – a special experience for you, your family, school or company hospitality.

Tall Ships Program 2020

HMB Endeavour

HMB Endeavour will visit Geelong from 5 to 15 March as part of Encounters 2020. Its visit will coincide with the 2020 Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong, further enhancing our already strong tall ships line up. 

Opportunities are available to join the crew for voyages along the Australian coast during Encounters 2020.

For more information about the ship’s visit, or about Encounters 2020, please visit the Sea Museum site. 

STS Young Endeavour

STS Young Endeavour, operated by the Royal Australian Navy, is a tall ship purpose built for sail training. Young Endeavour was gifted to Australia by the United Kingdom for Australia’s bicentenary and is the national sail training ship.

Young Endeavour is a brigantine (a two-masted sailing ship with a square-rigged foremast and a mainmast rigged fore and aft). She measures 44 metres and displaces 239 tonnes. Young Endeavour is designed to travel at up to 14 knots under sail and up to 10 knots under power.

Applications for young Australians aged 16-23 years to join a voyage in 2020 are now open. To learn more, visit Young Endeavour.


A replica of John Pascoe Fawkner’s Schooner Enterprize – the ship that sailed from Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) in 1835 to what has become the City of Melbourne – Enterprize is an all-timber, carvel planked, two masted, topsail schooner. She is single decked, square transomed, with crossing yards on her foremast.

She has been traditionally constructed using Australian and New Zealand timbers.

View more about Enterprize (Melbourne)

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